Quantum Valley Conference Speakers :

V. G. Gueorguiev, Ph.D:- Accomplished visionary with a passion for computational physics and applied group theory. Highly experienced researcher with a strong background in physics/astrophysics, mathematics, and applied group theory. Well-positioned to deliver expert advice and counsel on international careers in science, engineering, physics, advanced mathematics, innovative computing, and higher-education.
Vinay Phadnis : Quantum computing Instructor at Udemy Conducted many training programmes on new and upcoming technologies. His speciality is in breaking any seemingly complex topic into basic building blocks along with correlation to real life scenarios. You will inherently find him using the word Basically while explaining concepts 🙂 Vinay has taken special interest in Quantum Computing, Machine Learning as prominent future technologies
Sooraj Bopanna :- Specialist in Quantum Computing | Internet of Things (IoT) | Deep Learning | AI/ML | Blockchains | Program Management | PMP, CSM
Rebecca Krauthamer – Quantum Thought Passionate about Artificial Intelligence and ethics, connecting people who can make great things happen together, building cutting edge technology that truly improves life for all .
Deep Prasad:- CEO and lead researcher at ReactiveQ, a company that originates from the world’s first quantum computing incubator. His job includes researching and developing on quantum hardware devices that are available today for testing quantum algorithms on. .

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Event Location: Hacker Dojo

3350 Thomas Rd #150, Santa Clara, CA 95054